Sunday, February 13, 2011

Round #1

My friend and I roped 10 other girls into agree to make quiet books together. We each make one page but made 12 copies of that same page. We had set dimensions to follow to help keep everything uniform. Doing only one page design helped keep the cost down and made the project a bit more manageable. Last night we got together and swapped our pages. I was so impressed how all the pages turned out. So impressed that in few months I want to do it again, so if you are interested let me know. Even if you live out of the area pages can be mailed and it works out well. Here are the pages that were made:
Football Tie
made by Nola 
Button Flower Garden
Made by Amanda 
Made by Becki 
Ice Cream Cones
Made by Lisa 
Apple Picking
Caterpillar Shapes
Made by Erin 
Traffic Light
Made by Katie 
Alarm Clock
Made by Alene 
Made by Melanie /Tiffani 
Piggy Bank
Made by Melanie
Idea from: The Crafting Chicks

Dress up dolls
(she made a boy themed one too!)
Made by Paula 
Lion in Circus Train Car
Made by
w/help from Lauren and Colleen :-)

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