Monday, November 7, 2011

Round #4: LDS Church Themed

This is my last round hosting quiet books, but I will post pictures of any other round some one is willing to host. For this last round we decide to make it gospel oriented, since the kids will be playing with them mainly at church. There were 20 participants (I still need to get three pages to complete the 20. I will post pictures of those once I receive them). Here are the pages these amazing ladies made:

Time to Pray made by Nichole

Joseph and his coat of many colors and textures made by Rikelle

Moroni hiding the Golden Plates part 1 made by Kira

Joseph retrieving the plates made by Kira

I love to see the Temple made by Molly

The Plan of Salvation made by Amanda

I am a Child of God made by Rachelle

Tower of Babel made by Colleen

LDS Bingo made by Erin

Moses parting the Red Sea made by Kara

Pioneer Wagon made by Marti

Itsy Bitsy Spider made by Britney

If you chance to meet a frown made by Kira

Apostle Matching game made by Nola

Scripture Journal made by Bree

Tithing made by Janelle

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam made by Laurel

Noah's Ark made by Emilee