Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finished Quiet Book!

This is a photo of one step in the process in putting the pages together. The white is the 2 sided fusible pellon/interfacing. It is ironed on to the wrong side of one fabric square then both are pinned face to face with the second piece of fabric. I only pinned and sewed three sides so I could use the open forth side to turn the pages right side out.
This is what it looks like before I turned the pages right side out. Once right side out I turned hem in on the open side and pinned it then sewed around all 4 sides of the page to close the 4th side and to give the page a finished look.
The finished project.
The pages are held together with ribbon through button holes.
This way I can remove or rearrange the pages as I see fit.

(I have recently switched out the ribbon for metal clasping rings; like the ones used to hold index cards together. They are only a few dollars for 6 of them from office supply stores. The ribbon was too hard to restring and now that baby #2 is here I am sure I will be rearranging the pages a ton more now. Also, I think I would of used rivets next time. I think they would hold up better then the button holes.)

The handles were a late night idea and I am so glad I thought of it.
Now my sweet kids can hold their own book on their arm.

*This book only has round #1 pages in it. I will try to make and post a how to video when I finally get around to putting together the second round pages and new cover for baby #2.*

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